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About The Game

The game is about stimulating and empowering players to overcome challenging issues in their lives since birth to their senior years; thus healing hearts and changing lives through conversations.  Anyone can play the game who desires to overcome past or present concerns that hinder a peaceful state of mind.  The game is conducive for homes, schools, group homes, counseling agencies, the penal system, churches, community organizations and even businesses that may need alternative measures to help employee morale and performance.  Game age 10 up (Some young children may require parental guidance).

Thinking Better~ Feeling Better~ Doing Better~

To think better, feel better and do better, we must first search out the following:
  • The inward thought
  • The heart, which is deep and
  • The cogitations troubled within the mind
The SOUL desires…
  • To be liberated
  • To dwell at ease
  • To be in delight
  • To find rest
  • To be purified by the truth

The game “Served Raw Deal” delves deep into real heart matters to help players find a Satisfied and Refreshed state of mind to flourish and live well!


Four Dynamic Ways to Play Served Raw Deal…

Family Fun:

A delightful and thought provoking game to engage all members of the household beginning at 10 years of age~ Adult members are encouraged to assist younger players with the conversation tiers.  Members of the family can have fun as they duck and dodge conversations, play as a team, and give meaningful gifts to encourage authentic dialogue. Older players like parents or siblings should set:

  1.  an inviting atmosphere
  2.  a non-judging zone and
  3.  a respectful attitude toward players for a promising and fulfilling game.

Finally, Parents can use Served Raw Deal as a promising tool of which to engage their children into meaningful dialogue to empower, to discover and to discern (challenging) social, relational and emotional concerns. Parents should be ready to tell meaningful stories about themselves too!

Personal Growth & Developmental:

The game is user friendly and a great conversational piece to break the silence of players (clients) and to motivate others who may attempt to shut down.  Served Raw Deal is grounded in Narrative Therapy.  As a strength-based approach, “Narrative Therapy” places emphasis on collaboration between players (clients) and counselors/therapists with emphasis on empowering and liberating the individual soul.  The game offers a rich approach to developing the emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual health of players!  Parents who are intentional can take advantage of this approach for individual or family growth.  Professionals can utilize this game in therapeutic settings, group sessions, in the workforce, and even in the school or home.


Discuss. Discover. Discern. Disciple

Did you know that you are special, unique, gifted and loved?  Have you ever wondered why you were wired to hope for, inspire to, long after and dream?  We were placed on this earth to belong, to be free and to make a difference.  It’s true!  God has an expected end for us…an expected end of peace, hope and a bright future.  What would happen if starting today, we purposed in our heart to turn every discussion into an adventure?  No blaming/accusing, no judging, no ill will and no harm to anyone; only to bring out the best in the next person, to see them as God’s creation!  The adventure should cause us to discover something meaningful, discern right from wrong, and create a space to disciple the person who longs to be encouraged and loved.  Served Raw Deal was designed to make this happen.  We know the saying, actions speak louder than words!


With Suicidal Ideation Play

Suicide is the one thing we never want to experience or hear of in our family, neighborhood or even on the job.  Can life really be that doomed that a person resolves to not live?  The plague of depression, hopelessness, despair, hurt and pain can seemingly take toll in the mind.  Do you know the warning signs of suicide?  What is suicidal ideation, suicidal thoughts, and depression… is it a form of mental illness?  That deep dark road of despair should be explored to free the soul.  Served Raw Deal paves a path to delve deep from birth, childhood, adolescence, teenage, young adult and yes, even adulthood. The conversation of suicide to discover and then to discern is very possible if you are intentional and a good listener.  Your intuitiveness as you listen and unction (gut feel) will not steer you wrong.  Be proactive to help those you love!  Create space to have real dialogue with others about the things that plague their mind. Be Intentional and divinely intervene!

Served Raw Deal

Price: $59.99 / $39.99

How To Play The Game

1.     Open dialogue instructions for 5 to 7 minutes approximately…after which

2.     Each player will select a color from the “Color Chart” and match their color with the corresponding “Life Scenario” number on the board game

3.     Every player then draws the “Life Scenario” card chosen and places that facing down in front of them

4.     All players simultaneously turn their cards over and each player one at a time begins reading the “Life Scenario” imprinted on the card

5.     Players now roll the dice to see who goes first to start the board game.  The player with the highest number will draw a card from the “Raw Deal” deck

6.     The “Raw Deal” deck will give players instructions

7.     The “Tier Conversation” from the ‘Raw Deal” deck will give the player the option of choosing the conversation to begin the game

8.     During play, players will also draw “Alphabet Cards”; the first player to spell “SERVED RAW DEAL” wins the game