Served Raw Deal Board Game Subscription

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Subscription Benefit Details

We set out to build a subscriber base community that sees the value in the Served Raw Deal Game.  This game is designed to liberate not just the player but to impact the family members as well!  We want our subscribers to be empowered and connected to our intimate community base.  Everyone desires to belong!  We vow to engage, connect, and to build trust with our subscribers.  Everyone is someone and their personal life matters!  We are creating community, value and a quality resource to empower individuals and families to share their LIFE stories!

Here are the Subscription Benefits for the “Served Raw Deal” Board game:

Monthly Subscription $15.00 monthly


  1. Zoom invitations for private community
    1. Intimate and engaged conversations through game play available
    2. Creating an authentic atmosphere for educational learning while entertaining
    3. Empowerment sessions to demonstrate how the game benefits players
  2. Game updates with new features are provided to our subscribers first
  3. Email access to ask questions Monday – Friday (1 – 5pm)
  4. Bi annual testimonial newsletters
  5. Quarterly game meeting for you or your immediate family members “only” (example)
    1. Husband/wife
    2. Children
    3. Step-Children
    4. Subscriber must schedule game meeting in advance
    5. Quarterly (4 times annually)
  6. Referral Program Rewards
    1. For every “three paid game referrals” you receive one month subscription free
    2. For the subscriber with the most referrals, you will be featured in our newsletter

Please Note:

You need to purchase the game separate from the subscription.

Served Raw Deal Subsription: $15/month

“Never try to solve a problem independent of the very source it needs.”

                                                                                                                      Author: Robin Price-Boyd, LMHC, HSC, M. A.