Finding Justin

By Robin Price-Boyd, LMHC, HSC, M.A., ThM

Suicide, Is It Real?

Served Raw Deal offers a real opportunity for us (you and I) to seek out those who are contemplating suicide.  Justin at 25 years of age resolved to take his life in his home.  During his final days, Justin battled depression, withdrew from loved ones and friends, fought feelings of hopelessness, and experienced poor job security.  Thinking, feeling and doing!  Justin’s confession of taking matters into his own hand became a reality.  Could this tragedy have been prevented?  Could Justin have overcome the doom and gloom…and seemingly dark moment in his life?  Could Justin have been diagnosed, treated, and then rescued from himself before committing suicide?  These are just some questions that come to mind.  Justin no doubt will be missed in this earthly realm!  ~Our deepest sympathy to the family…loved ones, and friends~

Served Raw Deal

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“Never try to solve a problem independent of the very source it needs.”

                                                                                                                      Author: Robin Price-Boyd, LMHC, HSC, M.A., ThM